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Administrative Order No. 129

Bail and Appearance Bonds

The following sets forth the procedural guidelines for authorization to write bail and appearance bonds within the 11th Judicial District:

  1. Any individual proposing to write bail or appearance bonds within this district must submit a written application directed to the chief judge specifying: (1) the name of the individual seeking authority; (2) the name of the company or agency, if any, under which the individual is employed, working or doing business; (3) business mailing address and street address; (4) business telephone number(s); and (5) the county or counties where approval is sought. Where applicable, the following additional information shall be specified: (1) name of insurance company surety; (2) State of Kansas insurance agent's license number; and (3) surety limits.

  2. Individuals proposing to write bonds on behalf of insurance companies will attach to the application a certificate of insurance and of their authority to write bonds. Insurance companies must be authorized to do business in the State of Kansas.

  3. Individuals writing bonds other than on behalf of an insurance company will attach to the application a verified financial statement describing the property by which such surety proposes to justify and the encumbrances thereon, the number and amount of other bonds and undertakings for bail entered into by such surety and remaining, undischarged and all such surety's other liabilities. Individuals shall not write a total of bonds in this district exceeding $100,000 without the express written approval and authority of a judge of this judicial district.

  4. Certificates of insurance and financial statements shall be renewed annually on April 15.

  5. Upon compliance with the terms and conditions set out herein, and upon the approval of the chief judge, a Certificate of Authority will be issued to the applicant and to the sheriff, clerk of the district court, and county attorney in each county where said individual is authorized to write bonds.

  6. The discretion of the sheriff of any county of this district to accept and approve bonds pursuant to the authority of K.S.A. 22-2806, amendments thereto, and Kansas Supreme Court Rule 114, or other appropriate authority, shall not be affected by this Order or any certificate issued pursuant to the terms of this Order.

Effective this 5th day of April, 2006.

John C. Gariglietti, Chief Judge

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