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Practice Pointers

Assignment of cases:
All types of cases are assigned to the district judge or district magistrate judges pursuant to Administrative Order No. 257.

Criminal practice:
In all felony and misdemeanor cases (and traffic offenses classified as misdemeanors) tenders of pleas of guilty or no contest must be accompanied by a written tender of plea form. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 19)

Domestic practice:
(a) Scheduling of cases. The clerk of the court dockets all divorce (separate maintenance and annulment) cases for trial on motion days (after the case has been on file for 60 days). On the motion of a party, the trial of the issues may be bifurcated with the divorce (or other decree) being granted at the time of trial, with the remaining issues to be scheduled for trial at a later time. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 18)
(b) Parties with minor children of the marriage must attend a children's needs workshop. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 13)
(c) If the parties are unable to agree on a permanent parenting plan, they must participate in mediation with a court approved mediator. In the event of impasse, the matter will then be heard by the court. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 14)
(d) Every order for support include the following orders (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 17):
(e) To defray the expenses of operating the court trustee program a 5% fee shall be charged on the funds collected from all obligors for support. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 17):
It is further ordered that the payments above required shall be made to the Kansas Payment Center, P.O. Box 758599, Topeka, KS 66675-8599 and each payment shall include the court order number.

It is further ordered no credit shall be given by the court for payments made directly to the obligee or a minor child. Each party shall inform the clerk of the district court and all other parties, in writing, of any change of name, residence and employer with business address within seven (7) days after such change.

It is further ordered that an income withholding order shall be issued without further notice to the parties, specifying an amount sufficient to satisfy the order of child support and to defray any arrearage. The income withholding order shall be issued regardless of whether a payor can be identified.

Civil practice:
All non-criminal cases assigned to the district judge are scheduled for a case management conference following the filing of the last timely answer. A case management conference notice is sent to the parties or their attorneys. (See 12th Judicial District Rule No. 8)
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