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Court initiatives to improve the administration of justice

In addition to the standing boards, committees, and commissions that help the Supreme Court on matters related to the administration of justice, the court will occasionally launch initiatives to examine specific issues or concerns that may require considerable study. 

2024 Kansas Child Welfare Summit
Kansas Rural Justice Initiative 
2022 Kansas Mental Health Summit
Supreme Court Ad Hoc Pretrial Justice Task Force
Ad Hoc Committee on Bonding Practices, Fines, and Fees in Municipal Courts

Veterans treatment courts

In November and December 2020, Chief Justice Marla Luckert and retired Chief Justice Lawton Nuss cohosted a four-part webinar series on starting veterans treatment courts. 

Veterans Treatment Courts

COVID-19 operations initiatives

The Supreme Court formed two groups to examine issues related court operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kansas Courts Response to COVID-19
Ad Hoc Jury Task Force
Ad Hoc Virtual Court Proceedings Committee

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