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The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals make their decisions available online as soon as they are filed. The courts also offer online case inquiry to allow public access to a register of actions for the cases brought before the appellate courts.

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Appellate Decisions

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions are posted online as soon as they are filed, which is usually around 9:30 a.m. Friday, although they can be filed any day of the week.

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Published Decisions

A published decision will be printed in a bound volume of the court’s official publication—the Kansas Reports for Supreme Court decisions and the Kansas Court of Appeals Reports for Court of Appeals decisions.

A copy of a filed published decision before it is printed is called a “slip opinion.” Slip opinions are posted online shortly after they are filed by the courts. Online slip opinions date to October 25, 1996.

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Unpublished Decisions

An unpublished decision does not decide a new point of law, and it will not be published in a bound volume. You can find unpublished decisions online by the end of the day once they are filed by the courts. Unpublished decisions online date to September 4, 2015.

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Oral Argument Archive

Oral arguments before the Supreme Court are broadcast live over the internet and archived for on-demand viewing.

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