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Boards, Committees, and Commissions

Boards, committees, and commissions associated with the judicial branch are created one of two ways. They are either created by statute or by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Created by statute

The Legislature creates committees that impact or involve the judicial branch. Many of the statutes creating such committees delegate to the chief justice the duty to make some appointments. These committees provide valuable information for the court to consider when making administrative decisions impacting the judicial branch. 

Governmental Ethics Commission
Juvenile Justice Oversight Committee
Kansas Children's Cabinet
Kansas Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision
Kansas Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision
Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Kansas Guardianship Program
Kansas Judicial Council
Kansas Sentencing Commission
Specialty Court Funding Advisory Committee

Created by Supreme Court

The administration of the many various judicial branch programs and functions depends heavily on attorneys, judges, and members of the public who work serve on committees, boards, commissions, councils, and task forces. The Supreme Court has created 20 supporting groups by Supreme Court Rule to help the court on a variety of issues. Also, the Supreme Court will occasionally issue an order to create a committee, council, or an hoc committee to study discrete issues. 

Access to Justice Committee
Ad Hoc Committee on Best Practices for Eviction Proceedings
Ad Hoc Court Record Committee
Ad Hoc Virtual Court Proceedings Committee
Admissions Review Committee
Advisory Council on Dispute Resolution
Board for Discipline of Attorneys
Board of Examiners of Court Reporters
Board of Law Examiners
Chief Judges Council
Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee
Client Protection Fund Commission
Commission on Judicial Conduct
Continuing Legal Education Board
District Magistrate Judge Certification Committee
eCourt Steering Committee
Judges Assistance Committee
Judicial Education Advisory Committee
Judicial Ethics Advisory Panel
Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program Board
Language Access Committee
Municipal Court Clerks Education Committee
Municipal Court Judges Education Committee
Rural Justice Initiative Committee
Specialty Court Committee
Supreme Court Task Force on Permanency Planning

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