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16th Judicial District

16th Judicial District

Chief Judge

Laura H. Lewis - Ford County


District Court Judge

Sidney R. Thomas - Ford County
Andrew M. Stein - Ford County


District Magistrate Judge

Anthony Bayer - Gray County
Keith Whitney - Meade County
Philip J. Moore - Clark County
Richard McVey - Kiowa County
Rustin Martin - Comanche County


Chief Clerk Administrator

Rhonda Whitney - Ford County


Chief Court Services Officer

Dan Pfannenstiel - Ford County

Clark County District Court

Clark County Courthouse 913 Highland PO Box 790 Ashland, KS 67831 Phone: 620-635-2753 Fax: 620-635-2155 Clerk of the District Court: Hilary Foster
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Comanche County District Court

Comanche County Courthouse 201 S New York Ave., PO Box 722 Coldwater, KS 67029 Phone: 620-582-2182 Fax: 620-582-2603 Clerk of the District Court: Will Rosson
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Ford County District Court

Ford County Courthouse 101 W Spruce St., PO Box 197 Dodge City, KS 67801 Phone: 620-227-4609 Fax: 620-227-6799 Clerk of the District Court: Rhonda Whitney
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Gray County District Court

Gray County Courthouse 300 S Main St., PO Box 487 Cimarron, KS 67835 Phone: 620-855-3812 Fax: 620-855-7037 Clerk of the District Court: Angela Bowlin
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Kiowa County District Court

Kiowa County Courthouse 211 E Florida Ave. Greensburg, KS 67054 Phone: 620-723-3317 Fax: 620-723-2970 Clerk of the District Court: Vacant
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Meade County District Court

Meade County Courthouse 200 N Fowler St., PO Box 623 Meade, KS 67864 Phone: 620-873-8750 Fax: 620-873-8759 Clerk of the District Court: Decinda Heinz
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