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17th Judicial District

17th Judicial District

Chief Judge

Preston A. Pratt, Norton County

District Judge

Paula D. Hofaker, Phillips County

District Magistrate Judge

Jody Enfield, Norton County
Jay E. Tate, Decatur County
Jessie A. Thompson, Graham County
Renee Henke, Osborne County
Shannon Schmidt, Smith County


Chief Clerk Administrator

Janelle Morel - Norton County


Chief Court Services Officer

Lisa Dusin - Phillips County

Decatur County District Court

Decatur County Courthouse 120 E Hall St., PO Box 89 Oberlin, KS 67749 Phone: 785-475-8107 Fax: 785-475-8170 Clerk of the District Court: Brooke Graham
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Graham County District Court

Graham County Courthouse 410 N Pomeroy Ave., Suite 9 Hill City, KS 67642 Phone: 785-421-3458 Fax: 785-421-5463 Clerk of the District Court: Tiffany Breinig
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Norton County District Court

Norton County Courthouse 101 S Kansas Ave., PO Box 70 Norton, KS 67654 Phone: 785-877-5720 Fax: 785-877-5722 Clerk of the District Court: Janelle Morel
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Osborne County District Court

Osborne County Courthouse 423 W Main PO Box 160 Osborne, KS 67473-0160 Phone: 785-346-5911 Fax: 785-346-5992 Clerk of the District Court: Michelle LeiVan
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Phillips County District Court

Phillips County Courthouse 301 State St., Suite E Phillipsburg, KS 67661-0564 Phone: 785-543-6830 Fax: 785-543-6832 Clerk of the District Court: Debra Grammon
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Smith County District Court

Smith County Courthouse 218 S Grant St., PO Box 273 Smith Center, KS 66967-0273 Phone: 785-282-5140 Fax: 785-282-5145 Clerk of the District Court: Patrina Frazier
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