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KSCourts is going dot gov

Change from .org to .gov

Graphic-for-website.pngWe are changing our domain from .org to .gov to clearly communicate to the people who use the judicial branch website and our online systems and portals that they are interacting with a government entity. 

Dot gov domains must follow certain rules, which contribute to a more secure environment for all government. By following domain security best practices, we assure users a safe experience.

Download our informational flyer: KSCourts domain change to .gov


Applying change in phases

There are many components that make up the KSCourts digital environment, and we have begun the process to change them from .org to .gov. 

We will make these changes seamless for people who visit or use our website, online systems, and portals. When we make changes, we recommend you update your bookmarks for that site, system, or portal.

When in doubt, use .org

If you are ever unsure whether a site, system, or portal has changed to .gov, use .org. You will reach your destination, even if the change has been made. When you notice the site, system, or portal uses .gov instead of .org, update your bookmark.  

Emails will change later

We will change our email addresses to .gov in phases by office, county, or judicial district. We will begin the process in late July. Continue to use our .org email addresses until you are notified it has changed to .gov. 

Change timeline



Site, System, or Portal


Kansas judicial branch website
Used by public, attorneys, court users.


Kansas Municipal Courts web portal
Used by municipal court judges and clerks. 


Kansas Attorney Registration Portal
Used by registered attorneys.


Kansas Online Attorney Directory
Used by attorneys and the public.

late July

Email addresses for judicial branch officers and staff will change in phases by office, county, or judicial district. 

To be announced

Kansas Courts eFiling system
Used by registered attorneys in good standing.

To be announced

Kansas Protection Order Portal
Used by individuals seeking protection orders. 

To be announced

Kansas Marriage License Application
Used by members of public who plan to marry. 

To be announced

Kansas District Court Public Access Portal
Used by anyone who needs public access to district court case information and records. 

To be announced

Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program
Used by lawyers and law students. 

To be announced

Kansas Continuing Legal Education
Used by attorneys who must meet CLE requirements. 

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